Hover Chiropractic and Sports Medicine is a family owned multi-disciplinary office focused on treating the source of a patient’s symptoms, and not just treating the symptoms themselves.  Our goal is to not only make the patient feel better through treatment, but to also educate the patient so that they understand why they are having their specific issues and what they can do in the future to help alleviate any further re-aggravations.

Our office specializes in all conditions, not just sports injuries.  We offer treatment for low back pain, neck pain, disc herniations (spinal decompression and cervical traction), sciatica, extremity issues, headaches, etc.  We utilize multiple techniques including spinal manipulation, spinal decompression, interferential current (e-stim), massage therapy, myofascial release, orthotic construction, acupuncture, and many different physiotherapies.

We work with multiple insurance carriers, and we will do a complimentary insurance verification to determine your chiropractic benefits under your specific plan.  We even have options for individuals with high deductible plans or no insurance coverage through ChiroHealth USA.

Do not hesitate to call with any questions (630) 832-4476. We look forward to meeting and treating you!

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